Locked Out of Your Home? Here's 3 Ways to Get Back Inside

14 September 2016
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We've all done it. You may have rushed out the door on your way to work or a night out on the town, only to realize that you've locked the door behind you and the keys are still inside. While this might present a great deal of temporary frustration, fear not. There are more than a few ways to get back inside your home that don't include kicking down a door or smashing in a window. Keep reading to discover just three tips that will prove invaluable the next time you lock yourself out. 

Use a Plastic Card

This method is a tried and true one, but it only works if your door doesn't have a deadbolt. If you're fortunate enough to be dealing with a doorknob that's deadbolt-free, break out a plastic credit or membership card that you don't mind ruining, and insert it into the slot between the door and door frame. With a little jimmying, you can successfully bend the latch back enough so that the door knob can be turned, and voila, you're inside. 

Call a Locksmith

If you are dealing with deadbolt locks, and don't mind waiting a bit to get back inside, calling a locksmith, such as A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC, may be your best bet. Locksmiths are trained to pick just about any kind of lock, and can have your keys in hand in a matter of minutes. Many locksmiths are also available 24 hours, so there's no need to worry if it's late at night. That said, take care not to hire the first locksmith you call. Before you request that a locksmith come to your house, ask about the total cost of the visit. There may be additional fees beyond the simple lockout assistance that the locksmith provides.

Open a Window

While most locksmiths are affordable, you may not be in a position to stretch your budget at the very moment you find yourself locked out. So if you happen to know your neighbor well, don't hesitate to knock on their door, explain the situation, and ask for a screwdriver (preferably a slotted, or flat-bladed, one). You can then use the end of screwdriver to gently pry open a window and push it up. Of course, this assumes you can find an unlocked window, but you only need to find one. Once you've opened the window, crawl inside and unlock the door. If the window happens to be next to the door, simply reach inside and turn the lock.