Useful Places To Advertise When You Need An Apartment Roommate

4 January 2017
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Many people who choose to rent apartments soon decide that a roommate will provide some company and help with the bills. If you find that it's time to begin your search for a roommate, and you don't have any friends who are currently seeking new accommodations, your next step will be to advertise. While there are a variety of online methods for doing so, don't discount the power of traditional advertising in the form of placing a notice in a public area with information about your apartment. Here are some places to advertise apartments for rent in this manner that you may not have considered.

At Work

While you might initially shrug off the idea of seeking a roommate at work, consider the benefits of doing so. When you live with someone from work, you can commute together, which can save a significant amount of gas money over time. Additionally, depending on the nature of your job, you'll ideally find someone with a similar schedule as you. For example, if you both work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you may find this mutual schedule more pleasing than having a roommate who works nights while you work in the day. At large companies, you may be able to find a roommate you don't know or immediately work with, which can save you from being around the person extensively, which may not appeal to you.

At The Gym

If you enjoy working out, look for a bulletin board at the gym to display your ad seeking a roommate. You may find a worthwhile candidate in this environment, which is handy as you'll already have fitness in common. Additionally, you may decide to travel to the gym together, which can provide you with motivation to work out on the days that the desire is lacking. If you're a healthy eater, too, you're also apt to find another healthy eater in this environment, which can make it easy to buy food to share together.

At School

If you're attending school and have just rented an apartment, it's ideal to find a roommate who attends your school. You'll have no trouble hanging your ad on a bulletin board in a students' lounge, for example, and you're apt to begin receiving calls from prospective candidates soon. By finding a fellow student to share your apartment, you'll often keep the same schedule, you'll both value quiet time for studying, and you might also enjoy hosting the odd party, too.