3 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

25 January 2017
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Water damage can be caused by many things and knowing how to prevent these issues can help you take to prevent water damage in your home. 

Take Care of Roof Leaks

One of the main areas water gets through is the roof. If your roof has any type of damage, water can easily flow through it and into your attic. This damage could be broken shingles, shingles that have come loose, or shingles that have been removed completely. If the shingles are loose, you can use roofing nails to tighten them down. If there are damaged shingles, depending on the type of roof you have, you can replace the shingles with new ones. If there is a lot of damage, a roofing contractor should be called.

Check the gutters also as if they are full of debris water will not flow out of them and the roof fascia will be damaged. If it is winter, watch out for ice built up in the gutters as this can cause the gutters to come loose or completely fall.

Watch Where You Plant Trees

If you plant trees near your home, the roots can spread far enough to get under your home's foundation. When this happens, the foundation may push to the side or upward, which would make your home very unstable. If the tree roots are very large, they can even crack the foundation. All of this results in very expensive repairs.

If you are planning to plant trees, plant them strategically. The trees roots will spread two to four times the diameter of the tree's crown so plant the tree at least this many feet from your home.

If you already have trees planted too close to your home, the only thing you can do is to hire a tree service to remove the trees for you.

Do Not Use Chemicals to Unclog Pipes

If your pipes become clogged up, such as in your bathroom or kitchen, you may want to use a type of chemical to dislodge the clog. Even though this may work well, these chemicals can damage your pipes, which will result in a leak. This is especially true if you have to unclog pipes frequently.

Instead of using chemicals, you can dislodge the clog using a drain snake. This can be purchased at a hardware store and is very easy to use. A drain snake is also less expensive than buying chemicals all the time. If you are constantly getting clogs, you should call a plumber to determine why this is happening.

If your home does get damaged by water, you can call a water damage cleaning service to clean it up for you. This will save you a lot of time and will ensure it is done correctly. This service can also give you tips on how you can prevent water damage in the future.