Don't Let These Issues Turn You Off Buying A House That You Like

27 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When shopping for a home, you'll find yourself constantly evaluating a variety of pros and cons about each property that you visit. In order for you to like a home well enough to submit an offer, the entries in the former category will likely exceed those in the latter category. It's important, however, to avoid getting turned off by certain issues that may seem undesirable now, but won't really impact you in the future. These problems may initially seem big enough to cause you to avoid submitting an offer, but shouldn't really be viewed in this manner. Here are some examples.

The Decor Is Outdated

You may initially feel turned off upon walking into a home that doesn't look as though it has been updated since the 1980s, but this doesn't have to be a major concern. Keep in mind that many of the items, such as outdated decorations, will be removed prior to you taking possession of the house. Other things, such as old wallpaper, bad paint colors, and outdated carpeting can all be replaced with relative ease and, in many cases, without having to spend much money. A house may be outdated now, but after some hard work upon buying it, these outdated elements will be completely gone for good.

The Rooms Are Cluttered

A cluttered home isn't very pleasant to look at, but don't let this problem prevent you from seriously considering buying the house. Clutter is the problem of the current owner; by the time you get the keys to move in, the clutter will be removed, and the house will be empty. This will allow you to clean the home and set it up according to your preferences, and there soon won't be any sign that the residence was cluttered when you first saw it.

The House Smells Unpleasant

A house that smells unpleasant can immediately turn you off — but this issue doesn't have to dissuade you from buying the house. The good news is that many odors common in smelly homes can be corrected. You can have the house professionally cleaned, as well as replace the carpeting and repaint the walls. Generally, these steps will be enough to eliminate the smell you noticed when you first visited the house. Keeping the windows open and using air fresheners or scented candles can also be effective for neutralizing the smell until you're able to get the above projects completed.