How To Sell A Property Quickly

27 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Selling a property quickly is a goal of many homeowners. Even if you have a great property, there are many steps that you and your real estate agent should take to ensure that the property sells quickly.

Market Broadly

There is no one way to look for properties these days. Approaching a real estate agent is one option, but there's also the possibility of going through an app or searching listing sites online. Make sure your property is on all marketing channels.

Consider What's Unique About the Property

When you're trying to market a property to tenants for a quick sell, consider what qualities are going to make people not need to deliberate for a long period of time. What type of buyer would see your home and say, "this is it"? What makes the home special to that person? If you make sure to call out these special features right from the beginning, you can plant the seeds in people's minds that this is a unique home that they can't pass up.

Try Out Different Headlines

You could also try out different headlines to see how well your marketing is working. For instance, change the headline of your online ads each week. See which ones attract the most attention. If a certain buyer overlooked your ad before, something in your new headline might draw their attention this time around. If you are familiar with the concept of A/B marketing, you may realize how invaluable this strategy can be for marketing your product (your home) from many different angles, even to the same group of people.

Expand Your Buyer Options

If selling quickly is your biggest goal, then it always pays to try and work with the biggest pool of buyers that you can find who's interested in your property. Sometimes this requires you to be more creative with the types of buying arrangements you choose. For example, you could make your property available to rent to own candidates or those who go through low-credit lending programs. You'll still retain ownership of the property until the arrangement clears; for instance, with a rent to own, you won't transfer the home until the person is able to complete the terms of their down payment. While this may not be what you think of when you think of a "quick sell", it can help you bring in revenue for your property quickly and hopefully have a buyer who can fulfill their part of the deal.