Have These Things In Mind When Planning To Buy A House During The Winter Season

3 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


What is the best season for buying a house? There isn't a single answer for this question; when it comes to house hunting, each season has its peculiarities, pros, and cons. You just need to understand what they are and how they affect you so that you can get the house of your dreams. For example, the following are some of the things to expect if you want to buy a house during the winter season:

The Pickings May Be Few

The first thing to expect is that you might not have as big of an inventory from which to choose as you would if you were hunting for a house, say, in June. Many home sellers pull their properties off the market during the holiday season, for example, because they will be busy or away on vacation.

There May Be More Incentives Than Usual

If you are disappointed with the prospect of reduced inventories during the winter, you will be delighted to know that buyers receive more incentives during this season. This is because sellers who leave their properties on sale during this time are really motivated to sell. It might be that they want to close the sale and move out by the end of the year or they don't have many offers on the table. Therefore, they may offer to share your closing costs with you or throw in the window coverings with the purchase.

 It's the Best Time to Examine Many Appliances and Installations

The winter season takes a great toll in many appliances and installations. This is the season where plumbing pipes freeze and burst, sewage systems stop working, heating systems run overtime, and roofs experience snow damage. Therefore, if your prospective house is inspected during the winter season, you will know their true status. If these appliances and installations can perform well during the cold season, then it's a good bet that they are dependable.

You May Not Have Enough Time for Legwork

Many people are busy or unavailable during the winter season. People go to visit their families, take short vacations or receive visitors from other states. This means you may not have enough time to hunt for houses, hold discussions with your realtor, or view available offers. All these things are necessary when buying a house; therefore, you should confirm your availability before beginning to house hunt. The good news is that your agent may not be extremely busy so they are likely to have more than enough time for you.