How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning

3 February 2017
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If you plan on having your carpets professionally cleaned in the near future, you will want to take the appropriate steps to prepare your home. This way, your carpets will be able to be thoroughly cleaned and done in an efficient amount of time.

Clear The Area

Professional carpet cleaners are not typically allowed to move your furniture out of the way. This is because they do not want to have to worry about paying for anything that breaks. Also, the company will not want their employees to risk getting hurt, as they would then be unable to do the jobs that they were hired for. Therefore, you are going to want to do your best to clear the area long before the carpet cleaners arrive. Box up all fragile or valuable items to give them extra protection from breakage and place them in another room. With the help of a friend or family member, you can move all of the furniture out of the room. If you absolutely have to leave a piece of furniture or two in the room because of its weigh or the inability to get it through a door frame without causing damage, then just know that the cleaners will be cleaning around it.

Protect Your Wall And Remaining Furniture

While quality carpet cleaning companies will do their best to not make a mess, you will want to take the added precaution of protecting your walls and any furniture that you did have to leave in the room. It is not jut the water or carpet cleaning solution that you need to watch out for, as the hoses that are used during the cleaning process can rub against things causing marks to appear in some cases. To protect everything, you will want to add some painters tape to the corners and bottom of your furniture, walls, and baseboards. By using painters tape instead of regular masking tape, everything is protected without having to worry about pulling off any of the finish when you are removing the tape.

Find A Safe Place For Pets

You will need to be able to safely secure your pets in another room. To help ensure that they do not accidentally get loose, you might want to think about having them hang out in pet crates. This way, your pets will not bite anyone or run away, as the carpet cleaners may have your front door open a lot while they are using the various hoses for cleaning.

When using the previously mentioned tips, you should have no trouble becoming well prepared for the arrival of the carpet cleaners. For more information, contact companies like Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc.