Is A Railroad Apartment Right For You?

13 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


While searching for an apartment, you will encounter a range of styles, including railroad apartments. If you are accustomed to living in an apartment or home with a hallway, the idea of moving into a railroad apartment might seem odd, but there are many reasons to do so. If you are unsure whether or not railroad apartments should be included in your search, here are some benefits and disadvantages to consider.  

Why Should You Choose a Railroad Apartment?

One of the selling points of a railroad apartment is that they are usually less expensive than more traditional apartment styles. The absence of a hallway means that the apartments are typically smaller. Therefore, there is less square footage to pay for.  

A railroad apartment also has a convenient layout. Instead of having to navigate down a hallway to reach various rooms, you can access each room by simply opening the door from your front room. The layout is considered cozy, which can mean you feel more like it is a home than just an apartment.  

If you are moving into a large city, you can likely find a railroad apartment easier than any other style of apartments. The apartments were seen as an easy way to help resolve the overcrowding that is a problem in some areas. As a result, your search for a new place to live can come to an end relatively soon and you can avoid a lot of the angst that comes with apartment hunting.  

What Are the Drawbacks?

If you are living with a romantic partner or alone, the lack of hallways are not a problem. However, if you are living with someone who you are not close to, you could find the idea of both of your rooms facing out towards each other awkward. Depending on the placement of the bedrooms, one of you could be tasked with walking through the other's bedroom to reach other areas of the apartment.  

The space in a railroad apartment can also be limited. You will need to be careful about how many things you have to bring into the space. However, keeping the clutter away means that your apartment is likely to be clean and open at all times.  

Your real estate agent can help you further consider whether or not a railroad apartment is right for you. He or she can also help you explore other styles of apartments for your new living space.