Reaching Home Buyers On Instagram

15 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you are selling a property, it's in your best interest to promote the listing in every way possible; that is the best way to reach all your potential buyers. Social media, for instance, can help you reach millions of people if you use it right. With that in mind, use the following tips when you decide to promote your listing on Instagram:

Take the Best Photos

Instagram is all about photographs, so you need to take the best photos for your listings. These tips can help you take excellent photos:

  • Use natural light instead of the flash; this means you should take your photos when your house is brightest but without glare.
  • Snap the pictures from a low angle to get straight lines and graphical images.
  • Edit your photos, for example, by tinkering with saturation and contrast to create different moods.
  • Focus on objects for sharper images.

Don't Be In the Pictures

You are promoting your house, and not yourself, so you should not capture yourself. Be aware of wall or mirror reflections. The aim of the pictures is to get people to focus on the house, and not on you, and that will be difficult if you capture yourself. Besides, you want your prospective buyers to imagine living in the house, and that too will be difficult if you are also in the pictures.

Stage Your Home before Taking Pictures

Dirty dishes in the sink, socks on the floor and toys are strewn all over – those things will dilute the focus on your property. Therefore, organize and stage your home so that such clutter doesn't appear in your pictures.

Encourage sharing

Unless you are one of those celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram, not many people will see your posts if people don't share them. Therefore, encourage people to share your posts with others. You should also share your posts on other social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

Don't Forget Hashtags

Lastly, you can also further the reach of your posts by researching and using appropriate hashtags. The best way to do this is to look at what's trending, get creative, and link the trends to your Instagram posts. Be careful with potentially controversial tags that may alienate some people.

Hopefully, your Instagram posts will help you sell your property as fast as possible. Don't forget, however, that this is just one of the many ways of promoting real estate listings; your agent will advise you on other methods.