4 Often-Neglected Areas When Staging A Home For An Open House

27 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you talk to your real estate agent about staging your home for an open house, you may be inspired to talk about all the areas of your house that you can accentuate when showing it to potential home buyers. However, there are some parts of homes that rarely get any love when it comes to home staging. Don't forget these often-neglected areas when staging your home for an open house, or you may accidentally turn off home buyers that may be otherwise interested in your house.

Often-Neglected Area #1: Floors

Whether you have solid hardwood flooring, carpeting, or vinyl tiling, your floor's appearance is a crucial part of your home. However, during the staging of most open houses, floors don't get a lot of attention. That can be a deal-breaker sort of mistake, though, since home buyers may look at the floors and give up on a home that has neglected-looking tiles or stained carpet.

Often-Neglected Area #2: Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are the unsung focal point of a kitchen. While appliances make it possible to create meals, cabinets store dishes and other kitchen necessities that are used each day once a house becomes a home. Before you host an open house, be sure that the kitchen cabinets look aesthetically appealing. If they are old, you may try to liven them up with a paint job. If they are very worn, you may consider replacing them before placing your home for sale.

Often-Neglected Area #3: Windows

The windows are the part of each room that connects comfortable indoor living with the great outdoors. They allow sunlight and starlight to grace your family's life. However, windows are often the most neglected area of all when it comes to preparing a home for an open house. That can be a mistake because home seekers often look at the windows when assessing a house.

Often-Neglected Area #4: Showers

Your bathroom needs plenty of attention when you go to place your house on the market. Home buyers often look at the bathroom for signs that the home is well-kept. If they see grime and mildew in the shower, they may assume that cleaning is neglected in the bathroom and all other areas of a home. Take the time to make sure all showers are clean and attractive, and make sure all shower curtains and window shudders are also freshly clean and spot-free.

Finally, keep in mind that some simple, inexpensive improvements to your home can make all the difference when you are staging your home for an open house. Focus on cleanliness and presentation. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential home buyers to envision themselves living blissfully in your home.