Things To Consider Before Moving In With A Significant Other

21 August 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you're moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time and you have some concerns about how you will split expenses, and what you'll do with all your stuff, there are some easy ways to lay out the rules. Moving in with a partner is a great way to move forward in your relationship, but doing it with expectations laid out in the beginning can avoid conflict.  

Here are a few things you want to consider doing, so the two of you don't end up fighting over bills, and so either one of you don't end up without your belongings if the two of you split.

Split Bills in Advance

How are the two of you going to pay bills? If you look at the average expenses for the rental property or space where you are living, you can decide who will pay for what. You can have one person get the cable and internet, and have the other do the gas and water. Figure out what seems even, or what both of you think is fair, and then agree to it or draw up your own contract. This may not be a fun conversation, but staying open and communicating makes things easier.

Get a Storage Unit

If the two of you both have all your own things, and everything doesn't fit in your new space, get a storage unit. You want to be able to keep everything in case you move into a bigger space later on, or in case one of you ends up moving out. Find a facility that has great security, that uses cylinder locks instead of padlocks, and that has video surveillance. You may find you want the items later on, and storage is available at an affordable rate.

Get Insurance

One of you should get renters insurance to protect all of the items in your apartment. If only one of you will be listed on the lease, this will be the person who needs the rental insurance policy. This will be incredibly beneficial if there is a flood, if someone enters the property illegally and steals items, and for other issues.

If you are moving in with your significant other and you are a little worried about the type of strain it could put on your relationship, make sure to talk with each other about all these things. This way you both know what each other will expect.