Three Times When It’s Best To Hire A Property Manager

8 September 2015
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Being a rental property owner is great for securing future income, but it's also a very demanding role. There are so many things that you need to keep up with, whether you're screening tenants, collecting rent or dealing with maintenance issues. When you have that many things demanding your attention at any one time, it's easy to overlook something or feel as though you've been spread too thin. If you've been feeling this way, you might want to consider hiring a property manager to help you out. Read More 

How To Inspect An Apartment For Cockroaches Before You Move In

3 September 2015
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Before you enter into a lease agreement to rent an apartment, like one at Meadowdale Apartments, you should make sure there aren't any problems that would affect the livability of the apartment. You should carefully inspect the apartment to uncover any issues that you may not notice during a brief walk-around. Here is how to tell if there are cockroaches living in the apartment so you don't end up with cockroaches living in your furniture and other belongings. Read More 

Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Rural Property

1 September 2015
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Some people are drawn to rural properties because they seek peace, quiet, space and natural beauty. Purchasing a rural property can be both exciting and challenging, especially if you've never lived in a rural area before. When looking at homes for sale in rural areas, asking your real-estate agent these questions will help you determine whether or not a rural property is right for you. Is there trash removal? Some rural properties are so removed that they don't have garbage pickup. Read More 

How To Make Moving From A House To An Apartment Less Stressful

25 August 2015
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Are you currently living in a house and looking at apartments for a move in the near future? Are you worried about how to make the transition with a minimum amount of anxiety? Here are some hints to help make the change as stress-free as possible:  Decide if the move will be permanent or temporary: If there's a possibility that you'll move back into a house within a year or two, decide if you want to put unneeded items in a storage unit or if you want to sell them off. Read More 

Things To Consider Before Moving In With A Significant Other

21 August 2015
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If you're moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time and you have some concerns about how you will split expenses, and what you'll do with all your stuff, there are some easy ways to lay out the rules. Moving in with a partner is a great way to move forward in your relationship, but doing it with expectations laid out in the beginning can avoid conflict.   Read More