How To Make Moving From A House To An Apartment Less Stressful

25 August 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Are you currently living in a house and looking at apartments for a move in the near future? Are you worried about how to make the transition with a minimum amount of anxiety? Here are some hints to help make the change as stress-free as possible: 

Decide if the move will be permanent or temporary: If there's a possibility that you'll move back into a house within a year or two, decide if you want to put unneeded items in a storage unit or if you want to sell them off. You won't need a snow blower, lawn mower, or weed trimmer at your new apartment, and may be able to make some extra pocket money if you sell them now. Before you start putting them up for sale, make sure to research how much it will cost to replace everything after you've moved back to a house with its own lawn.

Simplify your personal belongings: If you've collected so much furniture and so many knickknacks that it feels like your possessions own you, moving to an apartment is a great way to free yourself from all the clutter. You can get rid of the assorted pieces that you thought you needed to fill an empty space. Don't wait until the week before your move to begin sorting your belongings. Instead, start as soon as you've decided to move. Take an inventory of everything, then divide it all into lists of things to be thrown out, sold, donated, or taken to your new apartment. If you haven't used an item in a year, you probably won't use it next year. Disposing of it will give you a feeling of relief as you pare down your possessions to only what you truly want and need. 

Help your children deal with the stress: If you approach the move as a new family adventure, it will help everyone to get excited about the transition. Make sure your children know about the kid-friendly features of your new community. Younger children will enjoy a tour of the on-site playground or the swimming pool, while teens may be interested in the exercise room, or using the clubhouse for future parties. Schedule weekly age-appropriate family discussions about the move so that any apprehensive feelings can be dealt with accordingly. 

Reduce anxiety about your decision: If you're feeling a bit apprehensive about making the switch from a house to an apartment, make a list of all the benefits you'll enjoy at the new place. Write down all the burdensome chores that will be a thing of the past as you enjoy apartment life. You won't have to spend your spare time mowing the grass, fixing a leaky garden hose, or trimming a lawn's perimeter with a weed wacker. After you've made your list, write down everything you can now accomplish with all your new free time. Instead of spending your spare time on maintenance drudgery, you can now use your free hours to start a new hobby.