Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Rural Property

1 September 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Some people are drawn to rural properties because they seek peace, quiet, space and natural beauty. Purchasing a rural property can be both exciting and challenging, especially if you've never lived in a rural area before. When looking at homes for sale in rural areas, asking your real-estate agent these questions will help you determine whether or not a rural property is right for you.

Is there trash removal?

Some rural properties are so removed that they don't have garbage pickup. While some rural property owners must haul their trash to the dump themselves, others use an incinerator or burn garbage in their own back yard.

Find out what the trash pickup is like on the property you're thinking about purchasing, and if there is no trash pickup, find out how the current property owner handles his or her trash. If the garbage needs to be hauled to the dump, find out where that dump is and how far it is from the house.

How will you get to work?

Unless you're planning to work from home, one of the most significant factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a rural property is how long it will take you to commute to work and how much wear and tear this will put on your car. If the roads are in questionable condition, this is another factor to be considered.

During times of inclement weather (snow, rain) you'll take even longer to get to work, and without a tough all-weather vehicle, the roads may even become impassable. If the property you're thinking of purchasing is in a location where snow or rain is common, you may also need to consider purchasing a new car after purchasing the house.

What are the neighbors like?

Just because a property is far away from the neighbors doesn't mean that the neighbors won't have an effect on you. Neighboring farms can produce seeds and pollens that affect allergies, while animal farms can have smells and sounds. Find out the kind of activities that happen on all sides of the property so you'll know what to expect.

Who owns and maintains the roads?

Any private roads on the property will be the responsibility of the property owner—which will be you, if you decide to buy it. If the property does include private roads, find out how often the roads need to be maintained.

Buying rural property can be extremely rewarding, but it's important to know what to expect before making the purchase. Asking the right questions and discussing the answers with a professional real-estate agent, like those at Realty Executives, will help you decide whether or not a rural property is right for you.