Reasons To Use A Full-Service Moving Company

12 April 2016
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When you start calling up moving services for an upcoming move of your home, you will likely discover that not only will they move your furniture and packed boxes, but they provide other services as well. These services are often covered under a "full service" plan, where the movers take care of packing in addition to moving the boxes to your new home. Here are some reasons to consider choosing the full-service moving option.

They Will Take Inventory of All Your Belongings

One thing to note is that the full-service moving company is going to keep close track of all items they pack and move for you. They will make notes of what is in each box and not only label the boxes according to the room or with other information you have provided them, but will keep their own list of the inventory. This allows them to know what and how much they are moving, plus it lets them check off boxes and furniture off their lists when they arrive at the new house. They can tell you after the move if all of the items they recorded on the inventory sheet were indeed moved into your new home, just in case it seems as if you are missing something.

All Furniture is Disassembled and Assembled For You

Full-service movers often pack up all your belongings for you before putting them in the moving truck, but this isn't the only service they provide. They will also take apart any furniture that is too large to get through the door, put them safely in the truck, then re-assemble the furniture in your new home. This can save a lot of time and effort on your part, while you focus on other aspects of the move, such as cleaning your old home before the new tenants or homeowners move in. All you need to do is tell them what room the furniture needs to go in, and they will make sure they put the furniture back together and place it in the room you intended.

You Do Almost None of the Packing

The majority of the packing is done for you when you go with full-service movers. This means you no longer need to try and schedule in packing up books, clothing, and small appliances into the many other things on your moving schedule. They will also provide all the packing materials, including boxes, markers for labeling boxes, packing tape, and packaging materials to keep your items safe and protected in the boxes. You don't need to worry about running out of tape when trying to get through packing all four bedrooms of your home. However, you might want to choose some personal effects to pack on your own.

Your Belongings Can Be Stored

Another benefit to using full-service movers is that they can also bring some of your items or furniture to a self-storage facility instead of your new home. Make sure you let them know which items are being put in storage instead of being brought to the new home, and they will make sure to get that done for you as well.