3 Reasons Not To Ignore Rodents In Your Home

26 January 2017
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Seeing a mouse run across a room can be very frightening for many people, and it can also gross a lot of people out. If you recently saw a mouse in your house, there's a good possibility it is not the only one living in your home. Mice inside a house can quickly become a problem if you do not deal with them, and here are three reasons you should not ignore the issue at hand.

Mice Multiply Rapidly

A mouse can get pregnant very quickly and easily, and the pregnancy lasts only around 21 days. When the mouse gives birth, she can have 7 to 12 baby mice. Therefore, if you have three female mice living in your home, you could likely have dozens more within a month if you do not address the problem. One mouse in your house might not be so bad, but dozens can be very destructive.

Mice Carry Diseases

A second reason you should not ignore the problem is due to the way mice carry and transmit diseases. Mice can be carriers of many kinds of diseases, and these diseases can contaminate your home. As the mice scurry through your home, they will leave droppings everywhere they go, and the droppings can be contaminated.

Because of the way mice are, you might find their droppings in your pantry, silverware drawer, or anywhere else where food particles might be found. If you find droppings, you should clean and sanitize everything that is near them if you want to protect yourself.

Mice Get Into A Lot of Things

Finally, mice are a nuisance because they get into so many things. Mice tend to look for places where they can find food or crumbs, and they do not limit themselves to just one area. They will go all around your house, and mice often like to store their findings. If you have a dog, you might discover a heaping mound of dog food hidden inside a blanket in a closet. The mice in your home transfer their food and store it in safe places, and they come back for it later.

In addition, mice can chew through wood and electrical wires. If this happens, it could cause an electrical fire in your house. They can also chew through some types of plumbing pipes, and this could lead to water leaks in your home.

Mice inside a home are a problem, but you do not have to ignore it or solve it on your own. You can call a company that offers rodent control to come to your home to help you get rid of the problem.