Use Facebook To Generate Interest In Your House For Sale

27 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Your listing agent will use a variety of methods of publicizing your house after it's listed for sale, but you can also play a helpful role in drumming up interest for the property. If you use Facebook, you have a valuable tool at your fingertips for publicizing your real estate listing. You can use this social media site to generate interest in your listing among not only your list of online friends, but also their friends — if some of your friends are kind enough to share your content for you. Here are some different methods of using Facebook to generate interest in your house for sale.

Upload A Photo Album

By the time the house goes on the market, it will already have been photographed for the online listing. Ask your agent for digital copies of the images that are included in the online listing, and then build a photo album on your Facebook page that includes all of these images. Many people use professional photographers to shoot their real estate shots, which means that the photos you'll be adding to this album will be top quality. Make sure to write a short caption for each photo that consists of one or two sentences that explain the corresponding image.

Provide Some Video Content

Facebook also allows you to upload video clips, so don't hesitate to use this feature to your advantage. If your agent hired a professional to shoot some video clips that have been included in the real estate listing, ask for copies of these. Otherwise, you can feel free to shoot your own videos with your smartphone and upload the content. Clips that give the viewer a walkthrough experience are valuable. You can simply record while walking through the house and the yard.

Run A Live Q And A

Many people enjoy using Facebook's Live feature to engage with their online friends. A few days in advance, begin to publicize that you'll be holding a live event on a certain date and at a certain time. Encourage all your friends who may be interested in buying your home to attend. Then, run the Facebook Live feature and talk a little about your house. Ask people watching the feed to type in their questions, and you can then respond to these questions in real time. For example, someone may want more information about the basement — you can then answer this question and even take your smartphone into the basement to provide visual assistance.

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