What Are The Three Points At Which You Should Have New Home Phase Inspections Done?

27 January 2017
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As someone who has invested a lot of money into having a brand-new home built from the ground up, it's only natural that you want everything to be done properly. Mistakes made during building can be expensive to repair, and after you've spent the time and money to have a house constructed, expensive errors would be frustrating. New home phase inspections can be done along the way that can provide a great deal of relief for you. However, you've got to have the phase inspections done at the following three times to provide the most help.

Before the Concrete Has Been Poured

The first time to have a phase inspection done is before concrete is poured into the foundation. Foundation problems can be very costly to fix, so having a good home inspector take a look before the concrete is poured is vital. The inspector will ensure that your foundation is graded properly so that drainage is not a problem, and they'll also take a look at reinforcing bars and other components to be certain they are sized properly and that the foundation, once poured, can adequately support the house. This is sometimes called the "pre-pouring" phase.

Before Interior Walls are Put Up

Once the wood frames have been erected and subcontractors have completed the HVAC system, plumbing system, electrical system, and other systems in the house, it's time for another phase inspection. This inspection is usually referred to as the "framing" phase. An inspection at this phase of building will allow a good inspector to go through the house and examine everything that will eventually be covered with walls and flooring. For example, the inspector at this phase might take a look at the plumbing system throughout the house or look at the electrical wiring in each room to ensure that it has been installed correctly.

Before You Move In

Once the house has been completed, you may feel confident that it looks good enough for your family to finally move into. However, a phase inspection before you move in can be a smart idea. Having an inspection at this point will allow your inspector to check for things you might have missed. A full home inspection is done at this point that is similar to home inspections done on existing homes before they go through a sale. The inspector will confirm that all the major systems work and that any repairs mentioned in the framing phrase have been completed successfully. This is the so-called "final" phase inspection.

Going through phase inspections as you build your house will allow you to feel confident about its condition so that you're happy to move your family in. Working with your inspector and general contractor throughout the entire process will ensure that everything is done to provide you with a well-built home. To learn more about home inspections, contact a company like AAA Inspections Specialties Inc.