Purchasing a House? Three People You'll Need to Work With

8 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


The idea of purchasing a new house can be somewhat rosy; you might envision looking at beautiful homes, deciding on one, and signing your name on the deed. The truth is that home purchases can be a drawn out process that requires a lot of different people to make it happen successfully. There are three people in particular you'll be spending a lot of time with throughout the process; learn more about those individuals and those relationships below.

Your Realtor

It's not a surprise that you'll be working with a realtor who will guide you from house to house. However, what you may not realize is that the realtor can be a better partner for you if you understand the depth of work they can do for you. Not only will they show you houses, they can also:

  • Access recently sold property listings in the area so that you can tell whether a seller's offer is too high
  • Tell you about local schools, crime, and other neighborhood-specific information
  • Make buying offers on your behalf
  • Enlist other qualified people you'll need to complete the process so you don't have to find them on your own

To best use the assistance your realtor can provide, give them as much information as you possibly can about what you want. For instance, beyond the number of bedrooms, talk to them about whether you want a house with a walk-in closet or a home with a separate laundry room. Being as specific as you can will help them do a better job for you.

Your Home Inspector

While most sellers are happy to speak with you about necessary fixes that need to be made and the various appliances and systems in the house, it's smart to get a home inspector to look at the home. There could be things wrong with the house that even the current owner is unaware of, and the inspector's findings may set your mind at ease and pressure the seller to bring the price down or make repairs so you don't have to.

Your Real Estate Attorney

Eventually you'll have to enlist the services of an experienced real estate lawyer to finalize the purchase of a house. The lawyer will walk you through the contracts you sign, but they can be helpful even earlier in the process. For instance, an attorney can investigate the current deed to make certain that the seller is legally allowed to follow through with the sale and ensure that the property on the deed is in fact the property that the owner claims to selling. This can be very important; you don't want to buy a house or think you're buying a certain amount of land only to later discover that the sale was fraudulent in some way.

When you have a great team working on your behalf, your experience purchasing a home can be a good one. Ensure that you take some time selecting the proper individuals so that they can do a great job for you.