Important Jobs To Perform Between Tenants

9 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you've successfully rented your home, you may find that your attention to the home is fairly minimal, provided that no upkeep tasks need to be performed. Instead, it's simply a matter of collecting rent from your tenants and making sure to be reachable if they have any questions or concerns for you. When your tenants give you notice that they'll be moving out, you may wish to begin the process of searching for new tenants. Ideally, you'll be able to get new tenants lined up quickly so that your rental home doesn't sit empty — and not making you any money — for very long. Before your new tenants move in, however, here are some important jobs to complete.

Have The House Professionally Cleaned

It's important that your rental home is clean before your new tenants move in, and you can accomplish this goal by hiring a professional cleaning service. Instead of trying to make time to do the cleaning yourself — and perhaps doing a rushed or insufficient job — cleaning professionals will dedicate ample time in each area of the home to give it a fresh, clean feel. Having the house professionally cleaned should always be on your to-do list between tenants. While you may think that a tenant who is moving out took good care of the home and kept it tidy, cleaning professionals will always make the space look its best.

Fix Anything That Needs It

Even when tenants are careful and conscientious, certain things in the home can get worn out or broken due to regular usage. If you haven't already fixed anything that needs it in the rental home, now is the best time to do so. It's quicker and easier to address any potential issues when the house is empty. For example, if the carpet is worn out and you're having it replaced, doing so is simpler when the new tenants haven't moved in, as there won't be able furniture to move before tearing up the old carpet.

Evaluate The Rent Amount

If you don't have a new tenant lined up for a certain rent amount, this can be a good time to evaluate the rent you've been charging and decide if you wish to maintain or adjust it. For example, if energy costs will be increasing in the coming months, it may be simpler to raise the rent right now — and let your future tenants know the adjusted amount — instead of charging them a lower rent for a few months and then raising it.