3 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Home On The Coastline

13 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Who wouldn't want a home on a beautiful coastline? The answer is probably no one. While a luxury, owning a beachfront home does come with a high-level of responsibility. To ensure you enjoy the home, its protected, and that you're making the overall right choice, there are a number of factors you want to consider before making your purchase.

Beach Access

When looking at a property, always consider beach access. Unless you are looking at an isolated property or purchasing in a very exclusive area, you may be the owner of a home on a public beach. With a public beach comes visitors who may literally decide to set-up shop for a day at the beach right in the view of your home.

Depending on the area, this can increase your privacy and security concerns. Always find out whether the property is on a public or private beach to determine what level of access people will have to your home and if you're comfortable with it.

Extensive Permit Requirements

If you're looking at a property on the premise that you're going to make a lot of construction updates once you purchase it, you really need to examine your options. As an oceanfront property owner, you may not only be subject to regular construction permitting requirements.

You may also be subjected to requirements from the local coastal commission. In many coastal areas, erosion is a major concern. The coastal commission may require that all your construction request be approved by them as well to ensure the environment won't be impacted by any changes you make in a negative way.

Extra Maintenance

As the owner of a beachfront home, make sure you are prepared to put on your maintenance hat. With any home, there will be some level of maintenance required to protect the home. However, with a waterfront home, the level of maintenance is often greater.

This is especially the case if your home is located on a body of salt water. The salty air and high humidity levels in these areas can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home, leading to corrosion. Regular washing and inspections are key to minimizing damages and preventing more extensive problems.

When it comes to purchasing a waterfront property, research is very important. Take your time and consider working with a real estate professional to ensure you are selecting the right property for your needs.