What Mistakes Could You Make When Assessing Rental Properties To Buy?

21 February 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Investing in rental property is a smart way to generate income. However, mistakes made during the buying process could adversely impact your ability to make a profit. If you are planning to invest in rental properties, it is important to know some of the mistakes that other investors have made so that you can avoid them.  

Selecting the Wrong Neighborhood

Just because a rental property seems like the right investment does not mean that it is. The neighborhood in which the property is located plays a big role in how profitable and manageable it will be for you.  

For instance, if the neighborhood is too far away from your home, you could find yourself traveling quite a bit to manage the property. Crime can also be a factor. Not only do you have to consider how crime can directly impact the property, but you also have to consider how your homeowner's insurance rates could be impacted.  

Before buying a rental property, take the time to thoroughly research the neighborhood. Your real estate agent can help you get a realistic picture of the neighborhood and any challenges you could face with buying property there.  

Focusing Solely on the Cost of the Property

It might be tempting to focus your attention on the cost of buying rental property, but doing so could be a big mistake. You want to make sure the property that you are buying is actually one that people will want to rent.  

For instance, if you buy a home that is run down because it was cheap, potential tenants might pass on it. To make it inhabitable and attractive to renters, you could spend a great deal of your savings. If the home is in an undesirable neighborhood, your chances of finding solid renters who are willing to live there could be greatly diminished. 

You can avoid this scenario by paying attention to the quality and rentability of the property you are considering. It is possible to get a property for a good deal, but you should not sacrifice quality for it. Remember, with the right rental price and tenants, you could potentially recoup the cost of having to spend more for a quality property.  

Finding the right rental property can be an involved process, but with the help of an experienced real estate agent, it will not be as overwhelming. The agent can help pinpoint rental properties that fit your needs and budget and ensure they are a good real estate investment opportunity.