Be Sure To Clean Out Your Gutters Before You Try To Sell Your House

10 October 2017
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Getting top value for your house is often largely dependent on the amount of work you put into the residence before it hits the market. Painting, cleaning, and other tasks are all important, but you should also think about what issues could raise a red flag during a home inspection and deal with them before you list your home. One thing that the prospective buyer's home inspector will surely be assessing is the condition of the gutters. Thus, it's in your best interest to hire someone or grab a ladder and clean them out yourself. Here are some reasons that doing so will make the inspection go smoother.

Fewer Concerns About The Roof

One of the problems that can arise from blocked gutters is damage to the roof. When the water cannot flow as it needs to, it may flow up before the edge of the gutter and get beneath the lower shingles. When the home inspector sees blocked gutters, he or she immediately gets worried about the roof. This could result in more of a thorough inspection of the roof, as well as advising the prospective buyer that the gutters are blocked and could be causing problems with the shingles or sheathing. By cleaning out the gutters, you'll avoid such hassles.

Fewer Concerns About The Foundation

Gutters are also valuable for keeping water away from the foundation of your home by diverting it through a downspout and then out into the yard. Blocked gutters mean that rainwater will pour over the outer edge of the gutters and land at the base of your home's exterior walls, where it can pool against the foundation and cause problems. While a home inspection always includes a look at the foundation, the inspector will view blocked gutters as a red flag that the foundation may be in trouble.

Signs Of Positive Upkeep

It might seem simple, but blocked gutters show a home inspector that you haven't maintained this part of your home — and also begs the question of what other things haven't you maintained. Clean gutters show the home inspector that you've been vigilant about the upkeep of your home, which is a message that he or she will relay to the interested buyers. Cleaning the gutters might seem like a minor task, but it's possible that this job will play a key role in helping you to sell your home in a timely fashion.

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